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​Thank you 
Stacey Kovoloff Stein
 for all your help, time, and being there every step of the way with our family and helping us with the process of high school admissions!!! We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!
Diana Erinsson

Stacy at School Shop LA was amazing guiding us through the process of finding a school for our son. We are really happy with the school and would highly recommend Stacy and School Shop LA as she really cares about finding the right place for your child and is passionate about finding the right fit.
Sheira Rees-Davies

Going through the school application process alone is equivalent to suddenly being pushed out of an airplane. You are experiencing sheer terror and wonder how you will survive. With Stacey as your instructor, she will provide you the parachute, skills and confidence so you can land joyfully on your feet.

Stacey astutely applies her extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that not only that your child will get into the right school, but also will strive once there. She placed our children at a dream school we never even knew existed.

​Her passion and professionalism radiates in every encounter and we highly recommend her.
Charlotte and Mark

Three more girls have a perfect school fit for next year placing triplets with all different learning needs.


If you need any assistance at all in placing your child in school in Los Angeles, Stacey Stein of School Shop L.A. is the only person you need to see.

Stacey is amazing. She knew exactly what my son needed, helped us find a wonderful psychologist who tested him (with financial assistance, since we are challenged in that direction now), was there for us for our son's IEP, helped us find an attorney and ultimately, recommended and found the right school where our son will finally thrive. Stacey is a genius in what she does.

Once you meet with her and sign on with School Shop L.A., you could not be in better hands. Not only does she know her business, but she is tireless in her advocacy, and kind, caring and spot on in her knowledge of what each school offers that will be right or not so right for your child. ​If you are looking for the right school for you child, Stacey Kovoloff Stein of School Shop L.A. is your one stop shop.

Suresh Chawla

Stacey and School Shop LA are great! Stacey cares so much and will help you and your child find the right school match for your family. She goes above and beyond and her knowledge of the system makes all the difference.
Leslie Cole

We were challenged to find a school that would take a mid-year transfer (wanting to abandon a mediocre public school for private). Not knowing what was available, and the short timeframe we were working with, put us in panic mode. Then we met Stacey Stein. Everything changed for the better. She was wonderful to work with, has a vast knowledge of schools and the admissions process. She immediately got to work. Stacey put us in touch with several schools and within four weeks our son was accepted at his first choice. Now, after three weeks at his new school, our son is happy and thriving. We are forever thankful to Stacey and would highly recommend SchoolShopLA to anyone looking for the best school for their child. 

Check out School Shop LA for your last minute placement questions for you kids for the 2013 school year. She has been helping our family and friends find the right fit for our kids and facilitating the transition process. We trust her expertise and can't recommend her services highly enough!

Irina Katz

Stacey Stein is the most amazing woman. She is tiny in stature, but not in energy and brains. What she can tell you in five minutes is more than you could learn in hours by talking to anyone else in her field. Because of Stacey's help, our child is now making application to University of Arizona. She understood his problems and directed me to the people that could give him the assistance he needed to be successful and achieveIf you are even considering a call to her or her School Shop L.A. DONT wait, do it now, you will never regret meeting and working with her.

"Stacey was recommended to us by another mom. We knew absolutely nothing about the local private schools or the differences between programs, or who would be more able to work with our specific child's needs-- all we knew was that we were worried about continuing his education in the Los Angeles public school system. Stacey helped us get into the right school for our son, and even fought for us at his last IEP at his current school. We are really excited for the new year, and super thankful to have had Stacey by our side! She is an incredible resource and really cares about what she does!"

Laura H.